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35 Companies Offer Medicare Supplements

There are 35 companies in California that offer Medicare Supplements, otherwise known as Medigap Plans. In California, Medicare Supplement premiums range from $27 to $471. For a free list of all companies that offer Medicare Supplements, click here. We can help you choose the optimal company based on your situation and location.

12 Standardized Plans

There are 12 standardized plans, lettered A-L. Each offers a different combination of benefits. We can help you understand exactly how each of these benefits works. This helps you pick the optimal plan.

Free Personalized Recommendations

We can help you determine the company and plan that will work best for you. We donít just recommend the same plans to everyone. Our personalized plan recommendations vary depending on age, zip code, gender, coverage preferences, budget and other factors. Hence, the optimal company and plan for a wealthy 65 year old business man in Los Angeles County who travels abroad several weeks a year is different than for a 78 year old woman on a fixed income in San Francisco or San Diego County who visits her grandchildren in Texas during the summer.

Free, Objective Advice

As independent brokers, we are in a position to give you free, unbiased assistance in finding the right Medicare Supplement plan and company. Use our free service to find the plan that best suits your needs at the lowest price.

Itís in the Details

Since we specialize in the Medicare market, we spend an incredible amount of time gathering information that will help you make the right decision.

For example, we can tell you which companies have plans that are guaranteed renewable, and which companies can drop your coverage. Call us and learn which companies offer claims free processing, and which companies have plans that require you to file paperwork in order to get your bills paid. We can also tell you which companies have strict or easy underwriting guidelines. This has a potentially huge impact on future premiums.

Call us at 1-800-521-2100 or fill out the form below to learn more. There is no obligation, and we never charge you anything for our services.

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To find the best Medicare Supplement, ask yourself...

What will my premium be when I get older? In 5 years? In 10 years?

Some companies premiums automatically adjust by age. Other companies automatically increase your premium for the first 6 years you have the policy. Unfortunately, this is not always told to the consumer up front. We can help you understand your future costs and prevent any unpleasant surprises down the road.

Why do some insurance companies charge so much more than other companies for the same coverage?

There are several reasons for the sometimes enormous price differences. The age and health of the insured population under the plan, as well as the number of members enrolled, are just 2 of the factors.

Is there another company that offers the exact same coverage at a substantially lower price?

There is a very good chance that the answer is yes! We can give you competitive price quotes from the leading companies. Premiums in California range from $27 to $471.

Does my plan offer electronic crossover?

Some major companies do not. Electronic crossover prevents hassles and paperwork for you. We can tell you whether the plan you select has this important feature.

Does the company I select have strict underwriting?

This is an issue even if you are guaranteed to be accepted, since companies with lenient underwriting will likely incur more claims payments in the future. More claims payments usually results in higher monthly premiums, even for healthy members of the plan.

Should I enroll through Supplement Professors or direct through an insurance company?

We offer multiple companies, whereas an insurance company will only be able to recommend its own plans, even if they are overpriced or offer inferior coverage to the next company. Further, if you go through Supplement Professors, you will have us as a resource to help you in the future. Regardless of whether you enroll through us or direct through an insurance company, your premium cost will be exactly the same. This is mandated by law.

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